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Expert Researchers- Information Literacy @ Trinity

This guide serves as a reference point for students at Trinity to become Expert Researchers by incorporating skills and practices central to attaining information literacy.

Learning Goals

As with any new endeavor, it's helpful to have goals in mind so you can measure your progress. Below are the outcomes we've created to go along with the Expert Researcher program.

Expert Researcher Outcomes:

1.Students create and use effective search strategies in order to engage in exploratory, inquiry based research processes.

2. Students distinguish between popular and scholarly information sources in order to select the sources whose purpose, authority, and audience are consistent with their information needs.

3. Students examine how information changes over time in order to determine the values, perspectives, and processes that shaped it.

4. Students recognize the essential value of attribution in order to engage ethically and legally in scholarly conversations.

5.Students explore the economic and social implications of free and fee-based information access in order to critically analyze the information environment.