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BADM Senior Seminar: Library Sources

Sustainable Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

Resources @ Trinity Library

The library, in addition to our databases, has access to several resources online as well as in person. This section will guide you through these sources to help complement your research.

In-library Periodicals & Magazines

We keep current issues of the following business-related publications for in-library use:


Bloomberg Business Week (2010-present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

The Economist (1992-present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Forbes (1990-present also available online, also international versions like Forbes Global, Forbes Asia, available online- check e-Journals by Title search)

Fortune Magazine (1992-present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Harvard Business Review (1922-present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Washington Business Journal (07/02/1999 - 12/31/2004 also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)


Business Newspapers

The library has access to these business newspapers via our databases:

Financial Times - 05/31/1196- present w/ 1 month delay

The Wall Street Journal- Access from 1984- present

Investor's Business Daily- 1998- present

International Business News (US Ed.)01/11/2011 - 01/20/2015


The library has e-Books! These e-Books are available through our databases as PDF files. If you'd like to search for more, please see a librarian.

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Books in the Catalog

Research Appointments

Research articles, books, note-taking supplies

Want to bounce your ideas off someone, or need a little guidance? Make an appointment with a librarian!

Librarians meet with students for hour-long appointments where they go over your assignment and help you with things like creating keywords for database searches, finding trust-worthy internet sources, and locating other research you need.

Email us at to book today!

Trinity e-Journals

Trinity e-Journals by Title is a search that allows you to look for specific journals, magazines, or newspapers by name. So, if you know you want to find an article in the Economist, simply use the e-Journals by Title search (also on our main page) to search! You can also browse by discipline to find different publications in a particular field.