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ENGL 107 College Composition: Sources at the Library

This guide is for all sections of English 107: College Composition

Resources @ Trinity Library

The library has access to several resources online as well as in person. From databases for scholarly articles, to reference materials, to e-books, this section will guide you through these sources to help complement your research.

In-library Periodicals & Magazines

We keep current issues of the following business-related publications for in-library use:

The Atlantic (Jan. 1988 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search; many earlier issues available freely on The Atlantic's website)

The Economist (1992 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Foreign Affairs (1922 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)


National Geographic (1995 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

The New Yorker (11/04/2002 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Rolling Stone (08/09/1990 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Smithsonian Magazine (06/01/1990 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)

Time (03/03/1923 - present also available online, check e-Journals by Title search)



The library has access to these business newspapers via our databases:

Washington Post- Access from 12/04/1996 - present; 01/01/1987 - 12/03/1996 available here

New York Times- Access from 06/01/1989 - present

The Wall Street Journal- Access from 01/02/1984- present

The Baltimore Sun- Access from 09/16/1990 - 12/31/1994, 01/01/1996 - present

Databases @ Trinity

Use these general databases to get started with your research.

Quick tips for database searching:

  • Databases understand keywords and terms best
  • Have a list related keywords ready so you can swap them if your original ones aren't working
  • Use 2-4 keywords per search
  • Select "full-text" to limit your results to articles you can read now
  • If you need help with selecting keywords or databases, see a librarian for assistance

Books @ the Library

The library has thousands of books for you to check out. Search our catalog online by title, author, or subject to find books on any topic. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can request it through another area library using our loan services. You can fill out a request through our website for a book or journal article, or contact us for assistance. 

Research Appointments

Research articles, books, note-taking supplies

Want to bounce your ideas off someone, or need a little guidance? Make an appointment with a librarian!

Librarians meet with students for hour-long appointments where they go over your assignment and help you with things like creating keywords for database searches, finding trust-worthy internet sources, and locating other research you need.

Email us at to book today!

Trinity e-Journals

Trinity e-Journals by Title is a search that allows you to look for specific journals, magazines, or newspapers by name. So, if you know you want to find an article in the Atlantic, simply use the e-Journals by Title search (also on our main page) to search! You can also browse by discipline to find different publications in a particular field. 


The library has e-Books! You have on-demand access to thousands of eBooks through the library's eBook subscriptions. Explore the academic eBook collection for potential sources, or search through popular and classic works in our OverDrive collection. If you have questions about accessing our eBook collections, don't hesitate to contact the library.