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#familiesbelongtogether Reading List: Home


Like so many, I was deeply affected by the news that the United States President was separating families at the border. Why is this happening? How could this happen? It raises so many questions. As a student of history, I couldn't be too surprised, we know this country has a history of tearing families apart, but I was still left feeling upset. As a student of literature, I often turn to books to help me process unthinkable situations. I hope this reading list will help you understand and process the current conversation surrounding immigration. - Trisha Smith, University Librarian, Trinity Washington University (June, 2018)

What started out as a way to process the separation of families, turned into a guide to help find resources surrounding the national conversation of immigration. Please use this guide as a jumping pad to discovery, it attempts to cover the broad topic of immigration, focusing on the immigration movement of more recent decades. -Trisha, January 2019 

Woman Cleaning Shower in Beverly Hills (after David Hockney’s Man Taking Shower in Beverly Hills, 1964) by Ramiro Gomez, acrylic on canvas, 2013. (Private collection © Ramiro Gomez)

Ana Mendieta, Untitled, from the Silueta series, 1980, (Smithsonian American Art Museum, © 1980, Estate of Ana Mendieta, Museum purchase through the Smithsonian Latino Initiatives Pool and the Smithsonian Institution Collections Acquisition Program)