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Trinity Reads: Brother, I'm Dying: About Trinity Reads

Brother, I'm Dying

Edwidge with Brother Bob and Cousin Nick (Courtesy of the Danticat family)

Joseph Dantica (Courtesy of the Danticat family)

Edwidge with uncle Joseph and Tante Denise (Courtesy of the Danticat family)


Trinity Reads builds community, enriches curriculum, and engages research through the shared reading of an important book. This year the Trinity Reads committee has selected Ta Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me.

Students are urged to read the book and faculty members are encouraged to include it in their courses. A series of cultural and academic activities—film screenings, debates, panel discussions, book discussions and lectures—are organized to support the project. 

The goals of this interdisciplinary program are to enhance student and community learning, to strengthen our common human bonds, and to demonstrate the vital connection between classroom learning and social issues in the broader community.

Previous Years of Trinity Reads

Contributing Faculty Members

Dr. Rewa Burnham 

Dr. Kimberly LaBoone

Dr. Cynthia Greer, Associate Professor of Counseling, EDU

Ms. Trisha Smith, University Librarian