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Computer Basics: Accessing Word

Download Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Word is the application you will use to write your papers. All Trinity students can download Word on their personal computers by downloading Microsoft Office.

To Download Microsoft Office:

Visit Trinity's Microsoft Office Pro Plus 365 page by clicking the logo below:

Microsoft Word is a program within Microsoft Office. You will receive Word with this download as well as other Office programs that will be useful to you.

*Note: You must be a degree-seeking student to download Microsoft Office Pro Plus 365.

The Word Icon

This is the Word icon. Word is the application you will use to write your papers.

To open Word:

1. Find this desktop icon, and double-click it.

2. Alternatively, you can access Word from the Taskbar if the icon is set there.

Microsoft Word Libguide

For details on how to use Microsoft Word to write your papers, please visit our Microsoft Word LibGuide by clicking the icon below: