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Computer Basics: How to Find Your Documents

The Folder

On Windows computers, there is a folder on taskbar that looks exactly like a file folder:


When you click that folder, you will come to the File Explorer page. The File Explorer page is where you can find every file and document on the computer. If you remember where you saved your document, go to that file to retrieve the document.

If you don't remember where you saved your document, use the Quick Access Search Bar at the top right of the page to help you find it. Just type in the document name and press the Enter button on the keyboard.

The Search Box

The Windows Search Box is another tool you can use to find documents on your computer. It is found on the Taskbar of your screen and looks like this:

As before, type in the document name to locate it on your computer.

Beyond searching for files and documents, you can use the search box to locate applications and to search the internet through Internet Explorer.