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Microsoft Word Basics: Basic Functions

The basics of using Microsoft Word 365



1. Highlighting/Selecting Text  2. Saving 3. Deleting/Recovering Text 4. Alignment

1. Highlighting/Selecting Text

To highlight text, place your cursor at the beginning of a word or sentence, hold down the left button of the mouse, and move the mouse across the word or sentence.

3. Deleting/Recovering Text

To delete text, highlight the text you would like to delete and press the BACKSPACE button in the computer keyboard.

Alternatively, you can place your cursor at the end of what you want to delete and press the BACKSPACE button.

*You do not have to continually click the backspace button. You can simply hold it down and release it when you're done.

To recover text, click the UNDO button at the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+Z.

4. Alignment

There are three ways you can align text in your document: Left aligned, Center aligned, and Right aligned.

To align you text in any of these ways, highlight the text, and click one of the options below.

Alternatively, you can preset your alignment before you begin typing by clicking any of these alignment options.

2. Saving

There are three ways to save your document:

1. You can click the FLOPPY DISK button at the top of the page.

2. You can click File and click Save, and save your document to your computer.

3. You can turn on AutoSave by clicking the AUTOSAVE button at the top of the page. *Note, you must be signed into Word to use this feature. It will automatically save your document to your OneDrive account.