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Microsoft Word Basics: Inserting Special Content

The basics of using Microsoft Word 365



1. Inserting Pictures  2. Inserting Lists 3. Inserting Shapes 4. Inserting Tables and Charts

1. Inserting Pictures

To insert pictures into your document, click the INSERT tab, and click Pictures.

You can choose a picture from your computer, a stock image, or an image from online.

3. Inserting Shapes

To insert a shape into your document:

Go to the INSERT tab and select Shapes. From there, you can select from a variety of shapes to put into the document.

2. Inserting Lists

To insert a list into your document, go to the HOME tab, the Paragraph section, and select the type of list you would like to insert.

You can also change the style of either list by clicking the arrows next to each option.

4. Inserting Tables and Charts

To insert a table:

Go to the INSERT tab and select Table. From there, you can build a table with the amount of columns and rows that you desire.

To insert a chart:

Go to the INSERT tab and click Chart. You will get a menu with options to create a variety of charts. Choose the one you'd prefer.